Different Window Styles

A Guide To Different Window Styles & Where To Put Them

When it comes to replacement windows, there is no one size fits all solution. There are a variety of different window options, which can be used in different rooms depending on the degree of functionality that is needed from them. If you’re interested in learning more about which window styles you should be installing in which rooms, keep reading below to learn a bit more about where to install your windows.

Double-Hung Windows

Perhaps the most commonly installed window, double-hung windows are one of the most functional windows you can install in terms of providing your home with ventilation. Double-hung windows are designed to open from the top or bottom, allowing you to regulate airflow however you prefer. Furthermore, newer models of double-hung windows are designed so each sash can be titled out and cleaned from the inside, making them far lower maintenance than certain styles of windows.

Casement Windows

Another very popular window style, casements, are almost as easy to operate! Casement windows are opened and closed via a crank, which makes them a good option for the kitchen or bathroom, where you might have wet hands that could slip as you open a hung window. They are also great for children’s rooms, as there is no danger of accident closing the window on oneself.

Picture Windows

Large, stationary windows that cannot be opened, picture windows exist solely to flood homes with natural light. They are best utilized in rooms that don’t need much ventilation, such as hallways. They can also be flanked by two smaller windows in order to provide a degree of ventilation while still providing tons of natural light.

Awning Windows

A great style for any rainy climate, awning windows are also operated via a crank, which makes them a safe option for children. However, unlike a casement-style window which opens horizontally outwards, an awning window cranks vertically. This means water will bounce off of the glass, rather than get blown into the window as often happens to casement & double-hung windows during a rainstorm. While they are often used in hallways, awning windows are great for any room.

Slider Windows

Arguably the easiest window to operate is the slider window. As its name implies, slider windows open horizontally by sliding one sash over another. This makes them incredibly easy to use, which leads to their utility in certain scenarios, such as over the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. The only thing you need to be careful about with slider windows is ensuring that your kids stay safe and away from the windows, as they can be opened quite easily!

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