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Fall Home Maintenance

With fall arriving in New England, it is important to ensure that your home is prepared for the season ahead, as well as the snowfall just around the corner! Our team has put together a list of common maintenance concerns that you should be addressing this fall! If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading below for our tips!

Check Your Gutters

First off, one of the most important aspects of fall home maintenance is cleaning your gutter system! Your gutters are easily one of the most important, and most overlooked aspects of your home’s exterior. They serve the essential function of protecting your roof, siding, and foundation from water damage, which means it is important to ensure that the system is kept in good repair!

Your gutter system often becomes clogged, and it is important to ensure that the system is kept clear of debris in order to keep your home protected from damage, such as ice dams in the winter. Cleaning out your gutters each fall should be considered an essential part of home maintenance. If you’re tired of cleaning your gutter system, consider installing gutter guards to reduce maintenance!

Examine Your Roof

While your gutters are an important aspect of your roofing system, nothing will keep your home protected from moisture damage more than your roof, which is why it’s important to ensure that the system is kept in good repair! 

If you have your roof inspected annually, one of the best times to consider is the fall, with the other being the springtime. Since your roof will have a considerable amount of moisture resting on the shingle system in the form of snow, having even a minor roof leak could end up causing considerable damage by the time the snow fully thaws in the spring. 

In order to keep your home protected all winter long, it is important to ensure that your roof is in good repair before the snowfall begins. If you need to replace your roof this fall, our team is ready to assist!

Look For Drafts

Lastly, if you want to keep your home energy efficient this winter, use this fall to check your windows and doors for drafts as the nights start to get chilly. There are a variety of methods to go about locating drafty windows & doors. You can simply place your hands by them to feel, but perhaps the easiest way is to use a candle to see if the flame is moved by the wind. If you can see the flame swaying in the breeze, this is a clear indication that there is a tangible draft that can be sealed!

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