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How to Budget For a Kitchen Remodel

Do Your Research 

Before you start planning out your budget for a kitchen renovation, it is important for you to do ample research, and reading this blog is a great start! Next, you should research the different projects you want to include in your kitchen remodel and how much, on average, those projects cost. Next, you should look into different reputable contractors who will work within your budget and give you the kitchen of your dreams. Below is a little guide for the typical breakdown of how you should distribute your budget for a kitchen remodel; however, this will change depending on what you want to be completed and who you hire:

  • 35%- Cabinets
  • 20-35% – Labor costs
  • 20%- Kitchen appliances
  • 10%- Windows
  • 5%- Various Fixtures

Stick to Your Budget and Check it Often

After you plan out your budget, you must stick to it. Throughout the remodeling process, you may be tempted to add additional projects. However, this is how homeowners blow their budget. Stick to what you planned out through research. The best way to stay on top of your budget is to create a spreadsheet of what you plan on spending and how much you spent. You should check and update this spreadsheet regularly throughout the renovation process.

Plan for the Unexpected

Another thing you should remember while planning is to budget money for unexpected situations. With any home remodeling job, you will run into circumstances that you did not expect to encounter, and it is crucial that you have enough funds to cover it. You may find out you have mold growing or your pipes are leaking; whatever it is, it is better to be prepared. Another thing that is often overlooked during a kitchen remodel is the costs of ordering food or going out to eat while your kitchen is under construction, so remember to budget that in.

Make a List of Priorities 

While planning for your kitchen remodel, it is very important for you to pick out which aspects are of the highest priority to you and discuss this with your contractor. This way, in the unfortunate case that you reach your maximum budget, you will still have your top priority items completed.

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