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Popular Kitchen Trends to Consider 

Kitchen design trends are one of the fastest-changing areas of home design. Something new is always coming into popularity! Luckily, you don’t have to do a total remodel to bring modern trends into your existing space. Consider trying one or more of these 2021 kitchen trends to keep up with the times without breaking the bank. 

Contrasting Colors 

Neutral kitchens have been all the rage in past years, but color is coming back! Contrasting colors are visually exciting and break away from the same old designs. To contrast colors in your kitchen, choose colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Colors on the same side of the wheel are complementary, while those opposite of them are contrasting. Experiment with contrasting colors by changing up your kitchen décor if you’re not ready to commit to bold colors as a part of your permanent design plans. 

No Handles or Knobs 

Removing the handles and knobs from your cabinetry will streamline the appearance of your kitchen. Your space will feel less cluttered, and in turn, it will feel bigger! Taking away the handles and knobs isn’t as simple as just unscrewing what’s on your current cabinetry, of course. New cabinetry designs include push-to-open cabinets and drawers. This allows you to enjoy this modern design trend without struggling to function in your space. Other cabinets feature sleek, recessed handles that blend seamlessly into the design. 

Ancillary Spaces 

Adding an ancillary space to your kitchen design is one of the quickest ways to bring your home into the modern era. What exactly is an ancillary space though? Ancillary spaces are spaces that are located off of the main kitchen area. This space can be used as extra storage for cleaning supplies, a mudroom, or even more pantry space! The whole point of an ancillary space is to remove excess clutter from the kitchen itself. By eliminating clutter, your kitchen will look more put-together and feel larger. 

Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves are all the rage in 2021! These shelves serve a functional purpose by adding extra storage space in your kitchen, but they look great too. You can use floating shelves to display your favorite dishware or even your kitchen décor that you don’t want to clutter the countertops anymore. What you put on the shelf is up to you, but the added space and interesting design features are sure to fit into the trends! Floating shelves are a great place to display your new contrasting colors to combine two trends into one. 

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