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Preparing Your Roof for The Winter

New England winters are filled with snow, ice, and the cold. Luckily, we have our homes to protect us from these elements, but they can take a toll on the roof of a home. However, there are a few different steps you can take to ensure that your roof is getting damaged throughout the Massachusetts winters. We put together a checklist to help prepare your home for snow:

Check Chimney 

It is very important for homeowners to check the chimney flashing. The flashing is the piece of metal that you’ll find where your chimney meets your roof. Many homeowners find that their chimney flashing is loose, broken, or damaged, which can cause leaking and water damage inside the home. Ensuring that your chimney flashing is sturdy and in good condition can help eliminate any water getting into your home.

Check Attic

Next, homeowners should check in their attic for any signs of water damage. If you find damp or water spots on your ceiling, this is a tell-tale sign that your roof is already leaking. In this case, you need to call a roofing contractor to inspect and fix your roof. Putting a roof replacement off can lead to a lot of expensive damage to your home in the future.

Remove Debris 

Before the snow starts to fall and accumulate on your roof, you should clean off any debris such as leaves, sticks, or pine needles. If you don’t clean off the debris from the fall, it will become waterlogged and trapped under the snow. When this happens, it puts your shingles at a high risk of water damage. It can also cause your roof to become discolored in the spring.

Clean Gutters 

While you are cleaning off debris from your roof, you should also check your gutters. Clogged gutters won’t allow for melting ice and snow to drain properly and will push that water somewhere else. Many homeowners that forget to clean out their gutters for the winter notice water damage to the siding of their homes. Replacing siding can be very expensive and easily avoided by simply cleaning out the gutters before winter.

Contact North Shore Window and Siding

If you noticed any signs of water or roof damage while you were winterizing your home with our checklist above, please contact North Shore Window and Siding. Our team of professionals has years of experience replacing roofs, siding, windows, and more.


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