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Things to Consider Before Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling any room of a house can be stressful and complicated. One of the most popular rooms of a house to be renovated is the bathrooms. Bathroom remodels happen for several reasons. The theme could be outdated and tacky, there could be damages for years of humidity and moisture, or homeowners are just looking for an update. For whatever reason you want to remodel your bathroom, here are some key things to consider before your start the renovation process:


Having a ventilation system and a fan is a necessity in any bathroom. Bathrooms have to withstand daily humidity and moisture from showers and baths. If you don’t have the proper vents and fans, mold and mildew will start growing quickly. Mold can not only damage your bathroom but also can be harmful to your health. For larger bathrooms such as a master bathroom, look into larger ventilation systems to ensure you are combatting the moisture and humidity correctly.

No Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be very aesthetically pleasing; however, it should be left for other rooms in a house and not in that bathroom. Because of the constant moisture from showers, wallpaper does not stand a chance. It will quickly start to peel, bubble, and need to be replaced. The best rule of thumb is to just avoid wallpaper in the bathroom altogether and stick to tiling. 


Proper lighting is an essential part of any bathroom. Dim lit bathrooms make it so hard to do makeup, fix your hair, shower, or get ready in any way. The best practice for having a well-lit bathroom is to use a combination of both natural light from a window or skylight and artificial lighting systems. If you or your family often get ready using the bathroom mirror, it may be best to add fluorescent lights framing the mirror. 

Right Height for Accessories

For a complete bathroom remodeling, it is important for homeowners to measure out where they want different accessories, including mirrors, the sink, the towel hangers, the toilet paper dispenser, etc. This may seem silly to do, but it is so important. It would be very irritating and inconvenient to have any of these accessories hung too high or too low.

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